The world’s first & amp; Only Raw Power Whole Food Paleo / Vegan All-In-One Multi-Mix Super Protein w / 30 All Superfoods, vanilla protein pumpkin Reviews

The world’s first & amp; Only Raw Power Whole Food Paleo / Vegan All-In-One Multi-functional Super Protein Mix w / 30 All Superfoods, vanilla, pumpkin protein

 The world's first & amp; Only Raw Power whole Food Paleo / Vegan All-in-One Multi-functional Super protein Blend w / 30 All Superfoods, vanilla, pumpkin protein

  • Paleo, vegan, GMO, gluten-free, 85% + raw materials, 90% organic plant protein-based powder. Clinically tested for over 2 years! 23.8 oz.
  • Shake It, bake, eat Raw. Recipe for a site included in the canister. A mixture of 30 overall, super-nutritious superfood ingredients! (See the list of ingredients in the product description below)
  • USE Superfood PROTEIN MIX to make protein shakes / smoothies, muesli, bars, burgers, cookies, treats, snacks, raw or freshly prepared food, cupcakes and more!
  • organic pumpkin seed protein is the highest quality plant protein, designed for health conscious adults, athletes / fitness enthusiasts, busy health conscious moms, students, frequent travelers, weight problems, blood sugar problems & amp; sensitivity to gluten! DOES NOT CONTAIN: high fructose corn sweetener, Fast sugars that cause a surge in blood sugar, artificial sweeteners or sugar, sucralose, nothing artificial, preservatives, wheat, gluten, or corn
  • DOCTOR & amp ; Nutrition. EXPERT designed by Dr. Max MacCloud, DO, ND, Ph.D. … Try this superfood blend once, and you’ll never go back! You and your whole family will love it! We guarantee it or your money back!

Tired of all the products Franken-food and junk? (A Franken-Food is thrown together out of convenience or because it is all that is available as Frankenstein). They are not balanced or complete and frankly they do not taste that good either. For example, whey protein is a by-product of cheese production, which they found could be sold bodybuilders. Of course, it has some nutritional qualities, but understand that it is extremely processed protein fraction of cow’s milk, which is a blood filtrate cows, resulting in gastrointestinal distress in many, and who knows what else! Our Superfood Mix contains whey protein for these reasons. vegetable protein mixtures are yet another example of Franken-Foods. They are a mixture of different proteins, and to help balance the unbalanced complete and incomplete proteins and reduce costs. We live from one source. Raw Power Superfood Mix has been carefully designed by an expert physician and nutrition to be a super nutritious, full, balanced and tasty. It can be used as protein, fiber and EFA supplements, a balanced food, (it is not a substitute for food, because it is food) energy booster and balances, weight / fat loss aid, sports / muscle capacity building assistance, and / or a healthy snack or treat for the whole family!

Ingredients: Organic Pumpkin protein concentrate, organic hemp (Ground husks and toasted seeds), organic buckwheat, organic shredded coconut, organic raisins *, organic sunflower seeds, organic Flax seeds (Brown and Gold) Cranberry (dried) *, organic sesame seeds, xylitol (hardwood from birch trees), natural vanilla flavor, Diced papaya * Diced Pineapple *, organic pumpkin seeds, almonds, organic chia seeds, guar gum, organic: Baobab, Moringa, spinach, alfalfa, barley grass, green tea, chlorella, spirulina, maca, Dulse, kelp, nori, and / or wakame, sea salt, minerals, stevia (stevioside 90% concentrate).

List Price: $ 39.95

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