Special K protein shakes Vs Medifast Shakes

The other day I received an email from someone, to see if it was really necessary to protect the Medifast shakes wanted online. She decided to diet wanted to start right away and asked me, among other things: “What I find only protein sale shakes to stop at the supermarket, and then always the same results?” Let’s just use the new protein shakes model Special K, as an example. What makes shake the other (or better) than the other? “I’m going to answer these questions in the next article.


overview ketosis: Before I actually look at both products, I would quickly ketosis, I will explain, to talk about it too much This is a place that you go. your metabolism, because if you can get there, too, your body starts to burn fat quickly and efficiently. This is because you are giving your body is not a lot of carbohydrates, giving it more protein. Thehigher protein helps complete this mission, because he enough fuel to get the job done. The lack of carbohydrates will ensure that your body burns fat because it does not burn the sugar. in my comparisons below, keep in mind that both of you must have a high level of protein and a small amount of carbohydrates and in a state of sugar to achieve this.

For a quick comparison, Medifast it shakes and special K protein shakes, I will specifically address the address of the sample she gave me, but areTons from shocks in the supermarket, I believe that very few of them want to stack up cheap carb diets and protein ratio Medifast shakes, but I can tell you better than I can show you. For this example, I will shake with the 55 because it is the most popular.

In terms of calories, Medifast is much smaller compared with only 100 to 180. 80 additional calories by almost twice as much, and can really make a difference. Well, K-version is not a respectable 10 grams of protein, while Medifast just edge it with 11, but for me the real difference is the amount of carbohydrates, 29 is (for K), in contrast to the 13 This more than twice the amount that is in my mind a very important and enough to keep you from being able to get into ketosis. It also contains special provisions, K to shake a lot of sugar, a whopping 18 grams to 8 grams forward. Again, this is more than two times greater Cana thing towards ketose.


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