Natural protein shake recipes: 30 Protein Shakes ready to drink without protein shake powder

Natural protein shake recipes: 30 ready to drink protein shakes protein powder shakes without

shake recipes natural protein 30 Protein Shakes ready to drink without any protein shake powder
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you need a quick snack to bring to work, school or just to drink at home to do?

Excellent! You’ve found the right book! Welcome to the shocks that will make you shiver!

This book contains 30 easy-to-manufacture shake recipes that contain protein, no protein powder shakes! Recipes also contain carbohydrates and fats to give you the energy you need throughout the day

Here are some recipes included in the book:.

Fantastic Honey banana shake
… Delicious Tropical Coconut shake
… tastefull White chocolate raspberry shake
Refreshing … Strawberry shake
… and much more!

These protein shakes for women, men and children of all ages! Just follow a few instructions and protein shakes taste of ready to drink. Get Natural Protein Cocktail Recipes at the top and enjoy!


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